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Your Ideas. Our Expertise. Your Success.

Welcome to MYL Solutions , your digital marketing agency
where your ideas become reality.
Dive into our universe to redefine the art of communication.


At MYL Solutions, we want every interaction to be inspiring and meaningful, leading you to your destination.

Our goal is simple

Build links between your ideas and reality, between your brand and the public, between your potential and success.

We know that communication is much more than an exchange of words or images, it’s an art that is close to our hearts.

So we are committed to sculpting each of your projects with care and attention, combining creativity and strategy to achieve real results.

Our mission is to bring your story to life.

At every stage of our work, we apply our ethics, expertise and dedication to bring your ideas to life.

Together, we build solid bridges to stimulate your company’s growth and inspire change.



MYL Solutions is committed to being your trusted partner in this communication adventure, ready to take on challenges of any scale, with adaptability as our watchword.

Let's not just talk, let's act and create your story together !


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Marion POLK


Marion Polk - Présidente - MYL Solutions _ Agence de communication Pau - Lons

Originally from Pau, Marion lived in Los Angeles for 10 years, where she gained a wealth of experience.

The richest range go from executive assistant in wellness facilities in Beverly Hills, to the marketing department at major international record companies, photographer in an advertising agency, or sports camp director.

Back in Pau, she found her balance by teaming up with Lukas and Yannick, 2 professional technicians, to enable them to concentrate on their creativity and productivity.

Full of energy, dynamic and organized, Marion will be your key contact for all your projects.

After a rich 16-year career as a top-level athlete, Yannick has forged a steely mentality and developed an outstanding work ethic.

His professional life has taken him all over the world, enabling him to discover multiple cultures, strengthen his open-mindedness and expand his international network.

In 2019, Yannick decided to switch to web development and, thanks to his determination and meticulous work, quickly became a professional, setting up his own company, Site-Studio, in 2020.

To reach the next level, Yannick decided to form a new “team” and founded MYL Solutions with Lukas and Marion.

To reach the next level, Yannick decided to form a new “team” and founded MYL Solutions with Lukas and Marion.

Yannick BOKOLO


Yannick Bokolo - Directeur Général - MYL Solutions _ Agence de communication Pau - Lons



Lukas Frere Jarry - Directeur Général - MYL Solutions _ Agence de communication Pau - Lons

From an early age, Lukas, driven by a natural curiosity, has been interested in entrepreneurship.

His love for basketball led him to get involved as a volunteer with his hometown team, Le Mans.

At the age of 15, he moved to Pau to join the Lons Basket club, where he took charge of a large part of communications and event organization.

At the same time, at the age of 17, Lukas set up his own company, MLF WEB DESIGN, specializing in marketing and communications.

A year later, he created a subsidiary focused on events, and also ended up creating an e-commerce in fashion business with an ecological commitment.

Lukas expands by founding MYL Solutions, a three-man digital marketing agency.